Mental Preparation


On Monday, I will be back on the path of good food choices.  I’ve been straying from the health path this week.  I’m on vacation!

Time to get the brain prepared.

The first 10 days of my plan is a “cleanse.”  No, not THAT kind of cleanse.  It’s “uneventful.”  I will have 10 days of clean eating.  No dairy, alcohol, soda, coffee, processed food, fried food, sugary crap, white flour, partially hydrogenated oils.

You might say….that’s a lot of things to avoid.  I’m thinking about all that I CAN eat.  I will have an AdvoCare Meal Replacement Shake for breakfast, fruit, nuts, veggies, plant based proteins, beans, greens, seeds.  And a fiber supplement and Spark.  I do love that Spark!  It’s an energy drink in a powder form that I can take along with me anywhere.  I’ll have one in the morning and another mid afternoon to help with the afternoon yawns.

I’m really looking forward to replacing the junk in my diet.  I’ve gone off the path.  Time to return!

Svelte.  That’s my word.  I will be svelte.

I will walk, do exercise DVDs and ride my bike to get my muscles going too.  I am super excited! It’s TIME.  Time to move forward with my health.  My life.  My happiness.  My journey.

I’d love company!  Join me!  Let’s do this 🙂




Let’s do this!


Here we are.

I’m 45.  My kids are 14 & 10.  My husband is….older than me.  But not by much.

It is time to make some changes in my life.  I need to lose weight, get fit again, and find some free time.  I want to get my house and life organized.  I want to spend time with my people.


April 2017 is Lose Weight and Get Fit Again month.  Beginning 4/3/17, I will do the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge.  I did this before and lost 9 pounds and 6 inches.  Plus it taught me to eat right and I was able to continue those habits….but I’ve begun to slip off that wagon, so it’s time to reset and shed some more weight!

May 2017 is NO Spending month.  Oh yes.  I said it.

I’m evolving.  Time to make changes.  Let’s do this!