Menu & Food Prep Day!


Sunday!  I’m starting my AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge tomorrow morning.  I’ll take measurements when I wake up and then move on to CHANGING.

Today I made a menu for a week.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 snacks. I went to the grocery store and got the ingredients I needed.  Honestly, it was not difficult to make a plan.  It is actually helpful and I know what I’m eating each day.  No guess work.  Just pack it up and go to work, or get ready what I need for dinner!

I made a giant salad



I cooked a spaghetti squash tonight so I’ll be ready to make a dinner tomorrow after work with only a little time needed to put the meal together


I did finally get it cut open.



It didn’t take all that much time and will save me time after work.

I have a plan!  I am prepared.  Time to stick to the plan.

I have found in the past that making a menu in advance for dinner makes my life easier. With planning all my meals for the week, I kinda like it.  One less thing to worry about.  No more standing in front of the fridge wondering what to eat and picking something easy and unhealthy.

Super excited to get things going!  Let’s do this!


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