Challenge on hold but workouts on GO


Shortly after I started my 24 Day Challenge, I had a tooth issue.  I am STILL on soft foods.  Sigh.  I have had to put my Challenge on hold.  And that is ok.  Once this tooth issue is resolved, it’s back to it!

That said, I CAN exercise.  I signed up for Venus de Miles 64 mile bike ride on 8/26/17.  That’s about 4 months away, so it’s all about the bike right now and getting strong.


I got out on my bike (OUTSIDE) this weekend.  I’m biking today.  I’m making a plan for training for the event!  Biking makes me happy.  I am not able to run anymore and I miss it greatly.  I have unfixable (is that even a word?) knee issues and my knee swells to ugly proportions with running.  Since I can bike and I enjoy it, I’ll do that!

There is not much that goes exactly as planned.  Being adaptable and having a good attitude makes a HUGE difference when you are trying to make life changes!  I can’t say I am good at this….but I’m working on it. Moving forward is what I need!


So I may not be able to follow my food plan because it hurts to chew.  But I will soon…and for now, I’ll focus on biking and fitness.  Evolve.  That’s my word.



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