Biking and Slim


I love my bike.  It’s 9 years old with great components and it fits me well.  I cannot believe my bike is that old.  And that means it’s been almost 9 years since my Ironman.  Life has certainly changed in that time!


I ordered a bunch of Spinervals today so I can get the bike on the trainer in my basement.  They’re having a sale until 4/30.  I do like a sale!  4 months until my bike event!  64 miles, here I come.

Still on soft foods.  It about kills my tooth to chew a salad.  I’m *almost* looking forward to having the root canal done.  (not really).  The root canal is delayed by a week because the first endodontist didn’t accept my insurance.  UGH.

So I want to eat nothing but Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.  Well, they are tasty.  But so so so bad.  I started Slim, which is a drink that has garcinia cambogia in it.  It’s for appetite control.  And heck, it actually works!  I’m not so hungry.  So while I’m waiting to restart my 24 Day Challenge, I’ll use Slim.  One in the morning, and one mid afternoon.

Apple Pear or Lemonade.  Not bad!

I am starting to think about my No Spending month of May too.  I need to really think about it this weekend and make my plans!  I’ll take any support or friends who want to join in!

Happy Friday!


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