May 1.  It’s a big day at my house!

May 1st, I will restart my 24 Day Challenge (had to stop due to tooth and mouth pain issues!).  But also, May 1st begins NO SPENDING month at my house.

My 24 Day Challenge is ready.  I have food ready, and will be following the food plan in the 24DC book.  Getting this body ready for Memorial Day and the start of summer.  (join me!  Let’s get svelte!)  I can’t wait to help other people lose weight and get summer ready also!

No Spending month will be…interesting.

Our ground rules:

  • only buy things essential to our survival
  • can buy milk and produce
  • still pay bills (of course, duh)
  • no eating out
  • we have a plan for mother’s day gifts and will stick to it

Husband and I are committed.  Kids….are worried.  Ha!  My son begged me to take him to Target today so he could buy himself a video game and a piece of candy.

Truly I am excited to do this and learn from it.  I expect dinners to get interesting towards the end of the month.  I expect a tantrum from the kids.  I hopefully won’t cry.

I’m following the book 31 Days of Living Well and Spending Zero by Ruth Soukup.  There is a daily chapter and an activity for the day.  Basically, you do not plan much ahead.  Just get started.


Wish me luck.  Day one begins upon awakening in the morning.



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