Moving on to Day 2!


I woke up this morning and weighed myself at 2.5 lbs less than day 1.  I know it’s water weight, but heck, I’ll take it!

Avoiding the cookies my children have on the kitchen counter was not so hard today.  I love my checklist in the 24 Day Challenge book and love checking things off as I go through.  It makes it nice to have a plan to follow!

Day 2 diet:

  • Breakfast: Spark (fruit punch), fiber, Chocolate Mocha Meal Replacement Shake
  • Morning snack: large apple, 10 almonds
  • Lunch: huge salad, 1/4 cup wild brown rice, Beyond Meat “chicken” strips, 2T pumpkin seeds
  • Afternoon snack: Spark (grape – my favorite), 2 clementines, 2T pistachios
  • Dinner: And this is where it could be better – protein shake with rice milk

It was a crazy day at work and I didn’t prepare dinner in advance.  Tomorrow is a day that I have extra time, so dinner planning and prepping is happening!  Life happens sometimes, and I’m just glad I chose a shake over cookies for dinner.


Today’s activity in following the book (31 Days of Living Well and Spending Zero) is to take an inventory of the pantry and clean it out.  Didn’t happen.  And that is ok.  Will work on that tomorrow.  Having the inventory of what I have in the pantry and in the deep freezer will help immensely in planning.

At work, discussions came up about concert tickets on sale for $20 and going to Chipotle.  I was quickly reminded that I’m not spending any money this month.  I’ll admit, there was a quick moment of sadness!  But on the other hand, I don’t need to purchase either of those things!  It’s a mini triumph.  I’m ok with it.

And I’ll end it with pictures from Boulder today.  The first is a little blurry, from my drive into work.  The second is the coolest bridge and pond on campus.





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