Down 5 pounds and Life is Awesome


Here it is….day 4….and I am down 5 pounds!  I feel so much better.  And it makes me happy!  It’s so nice re-set my diet and my habits.  THAT is why I love doing this challenge!

I got in some fast walking today for exercise.  A bug fell into my shirt on the way.  I kept thinking I had a really weird feeling sweat droplet, but then found the bug.  Ewww!  No bites though!  Beautiful evening for a walk.


Diet went well today.  I’m low on calories, so I plan to have a snack soon.

  • Breakfast – Spark (Mango Strawberry), Fiber, Chocolate Mocha Shake
  • Morning snack – apple, almonds
  • Lunch – leftover cashew chili
  • Afternoon snack – Spark (Pink Lemonade), 2 clementines, mixed nuts
  • Dinner – big salad with 2 veggie burgers (they’re only 110 calories – needed 2!)
  • will have one more snack!


When I was packing my food today for work, I realized I did not have salad prepared.  I immediately thought that I would just buy a salad from the salad bar close by….and the next thought reminded me that I am Spending Zero!  So I had to quickly improvise and grabbed leftovers from last night’s dinner.  Glad I had leftovers otherwise I would have been REALLY late for work.  This reinforces that food prep is SO key to eating healthy.

I need to bike and soon.  Time to get serious about training.  This weekend – game on.

In my No Spending Month, day 4 in the book is to organize a meal swap.  I can’t say I’m terribly interested in that, but I will consider it….just not ready today.  Regardless, the point is that we are Spending Zero and it’s a great learning experience.  I did need dog food today, and the dog’s survival is dependent upon eating, so that fits our ground rules.

So far, May is good.  Life is goooood.


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