Cleanse Phase is Ending!


Days 8, 9 and 10 are finished!  10 days of Cleanse Phase.  I feel AMAZING! Good bacteria in, bad/yucky goo is out.  Diet habits have begun to reset.  I’m eating fruits and veggies and healthy things.  Tomorrow begins Phase II – the Max Phase.  Good nutrients are added back in, energy continues to increase, and habits begin to stick.

I made a LOT of Quinoa Black Bean Salad.  This is one of my favorites.  Recipe is here.  It’s so pretty, and the dressing is what makes it.  I do cut back a little on the olive oil.  This recipe is AWESOME.

My life is changed because of AdvoCare.  I was in a pit of diet pepsi and Reese’s peanut butter cups.  I LIVED on that.  As a friend described, it’s like embalming yourself from the inside out.  Since I began my AdvoCare journey, I have lost 20 lbs.  I have developed a healthy lifestyle.  I am sharing AdvoCare with others who need this too!

I have goals.  BIG GOALS.  I will get home with my children.  We will be foster parents.  I will help my friends and their friends get healthy and have FABULOUS lifestyles!  I-want-to-inspire-people

On to No Spending Month.  Days 8-10 are about cleaning out rooms.  I am ALL FOR it.  I’m doing some “lower level” organizing as my time is limited with work.  However, I am just about to be off for the summer, so I will go back and clean things out.  I’m thinking that June will be Box/Bag-Per-Day-Of-Stuff-To-Donate Month.

Still not spending.  I did go to lunch today with some lovely ladies.  They paid the tab, and I did contribute a small amount to the tip.  I’ll pay for lunch for them the next time.  Otherwise, still no spending.  It’s really quite refreshing!

Life changes.  Good stuff.  Let’s do this!


2 thoughts on “Cleanse Phase is Ending!

  1. Geli

    You ARE inspiring. I made the Cashew Chili today and loved it. Gabriel liked it too, but he was missing meat 😉 I’m glad about anything left-over so I can take it to work 🙂


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