Ah, Life


Life is an amazing journey.  It twists and turns and suddenly you are a foster parent and adopting 2 children.  Yep.  True story.


In May, I was blogging about a No Spending challenge and completing AdvoCare’s 24 Day Challenge.  I did all that!  It was fabulous!  There wasn’t any time to write about it, because of life.

Here’s my dream

I want to help people be healthy and strong.  This is a reason I work in health care.  This is also a reason I joined forces with AdvoCare.  AdvoCare has helped me lose 20 pounds and be more fit and have more ENERGY!  YES!

But I’ve discovered my dream along the way.  Since I was little, I hated to hear about other children who were hurting in some way.  Abused, trafficked, sad….whatever it was, I hated it.  I really dislike watching movies or shows where children are hurt or bullied.  Foster care is one way I can help out.  And from there, we are now adopting 2 more children!  My DREAM is to help as many children out there who are from hard places or being hurt in some way.  It is my dream to donate to important causes and be a foster parent and help other foster parents.

I want to make a difference.

I WILL make a difference in this world.