Down 5 pounds and Life is Awesome


Here it is….day 4….and I am down 5 pounds!  I feel so much better.  And it makes me happy!  It’s so nice re-set my diet and my habits.  THAT is why I love doing this challenge!

I got in some fast walking today for exercise.  A bug fell into my shirt on the way.  I kept thinking I had a really weird feeling sweat droplet, but then found the bug.  Ewww!  No bites though!  Beautiful evening for a walk.


Diet went well today.  I’m low on calories, so I plan to have a snack soon.

  • Breakfast – Spark (Mango Strawberry), Fiber, Chocolate Mocha Shake
  • Morning snack – apple, almonds
  • Lunch – leftover cashew chili
  • Afternoon snack – Spark (Pink Lemonade), 2 clementines, mixed nuts
  • Dinner – big salad with 2 veggie burgers (they’re only 110 calories – needed 2!)
  • will have one more snack!


When I was packing my food today for work, I realized I did not have salad prepared.  I immediately thought that I would just buy a salad from the salad bar close by….and the next thought reminded me that I am Spending Zero!  So I had to quickly improvise and grabbed leftovers from last night’s dinner.  Glad I had leftovers otherwise I would have been REALLY late for work.  This reinforces that food prep is SO key to eating healthy.

I need to bike and soon.  Time to get serious about training.  This weekend – game on.

In my No Spending Month, day 4 in the book is to organize a meal swap.  I can’t say I’m terribly interested in that, but I will consider it….just not ready today.  Regardless, the point is that we are Spending Zero and it’s a great learning experience.  I did need dog food today, and the dog’s survival is dependent upon eating, so that fits our ground rules.

So far, May is good.  Life is goooood.


Day 5 & 6


Not gonna lie, day 5 was a struggle.  Still had a decent amount of tooth pain.  I can’t say I really followed my plan, had to stick to a soft diet!  My tooth still aches, and I now have a referral to the endodontist to possibly have a root canal.  Life happens.  And some days just can’t happen.  After my 24 Day Challenge, it’s all about the 80/20 rule, but for now, I’m getting my diet on track!  April goals.

I had my FAVORITE Spark flavor – GRAPE.  I love that one.

SO, day 6 was back to the actual plan. Today was a GREAT day!  I got outside on my bike!


I have a goal to do the Venus de Miles women’s bike event and do the 60 mile ride.  It’s time to get serious about biking!  Event is at the end of August.

My food intake today went well!!!

Day 6:

  • Breakfast: Fruit Punch Spark, AdvoCare Meal Replacement Shake – chocolate mocha
  • Morning Snack: Muscle Gain protein shake post bike ride
  • Lunch: Big salad with Beyond Meat “chicken” strips and 2T sunflower seeds
  • Afternoon snack: 2 clementines, 1T cashews
  • Dinner: 1.5 cups cashew chili (leftovers!)
  • Evening snack: Mango Black Bean Salad

Muscle Gain is a protein supplement from AdvoCare.


See that painting in the back?  I did that 🙂  Anyway, chocolate Muscle Gain is the BOMB.

Mango and Black Bean Salad….never had that before!  I found the recipe here.  I liked it!  I used frozen mango, and I couldn’t find any plain mangoes, but there was a bag of frozen mangoes with chili lime – exactly the seasoning needed for the recipe.  I did add extra lime.  I haven’t done anything with jicama before, it added some nice texture.


I feel like things are settling down.  Hopefully I don’t have to have a root canal….’cause that would be bad news!  UGH.

Life changes…..making positive changes.  And I feel great!

Mental Preparation


On Monday, I will be back on the path of good food choices.  I’ve been straying from the health path this week.  I’m on vacation!

Time to get the brain prepared.

The first 10 days of my plan is a “cleanse.”  No, not THAT kind of cleanse.  It’s “uneventful.”  I will have 10 days of clean eating.  No dairy, alcohol, soda, coffee, processed food, fried food, sugary crap, white flour, partially hydrogenated oils.

You might say….that’s a lot of things to avoid.  I’m thinking about all that I CAN eat.  I will have an AdvoCare Meal Replacement Shake for breakfast, fruit, nuts, veggies, plant based proteins, beans, greens, seeds.  And a fiber supplement and Spark.  I do love that Spark!  It’s an energy drink in a powder form that I can take along with me anywhere.  I’ll have one in the morning and another mid afternoon to help with the afternoon yawns.

I’m really looking forward to replacing the junk in my diet.  I’ve gone off the path.  Time to return!

Svelte.  That’s my word.  I will be svelte.

I will walk, do exercise DVDs and ride my bike to get my muscles going too.  I am super excited! It’s TIME.  Time to move forward with my health.  My life.  My happiness.  My journey.

I’d love company!  Join me!  Let’s do this 🙂