Weekends are harder for following diet plans

  • Day 6 and 7 are complete.  Day 6 was not ideal, but still ok.  We had to travel an hour for my son’s soccer game at 7:30 AM – WAY early for a soccer game that is an hour away!  I had my Spark in the car and a shake.  Morning snack was a bar since it was easily portable.  Lunch was my normal salad with seeds and protein.  Afternoon snack was fruit and nuts.  We went to a party so dinner wasn’t exactly on par, but close.  I had quinoa black bean salad, guac, just a few chips and fruit for dinner.  I’ll admit it….I had one Michelob Ultra.  Now I feel guilty because the cleanse phase is no alcohol, but this is life and one 95 calorie beer isn’t going to kill me or ruin the entire plan.  I wish I didn’t have it, but I’ll deal.

Day 7 was great.  I did some food prep for the upcoming week.  New salad is made.


By the way, these chopping scissors or whatever they are called from Pampered Chef are AWESOME for salad prep.  I love getting the greens smaller so I don’t have stems hanging out of my mouth.


Day 7:

  • Breakfast – Watermelon Spark, fiber, chocolate mocha meal replacement shake
  • Morning snack – cashews, cantaloupe
  • Lunch – quinoa, black bean, red pepper, cilantro salad (one of my favorites, recipe here)
  • Afternoon snack – Muscle Gain protein shake
  • Dinner – spaghetti squash with kale and chickpeas – I might be having this for the next few days.  Recipe here.  One of my favorite vegetarian dinners.


I’m learning to have the AdvoCare Muscle Gain protein as a snack when I know my dinner is more carb heavy….and to help keep my amount of protein up for the day’s total.

Weekends are great for food prep!  Makes my work week so much easier to have food to grab and put in my bag.  My fridge looks pretty.

Day 7 for the No Spending Challenge….moving right along!  I went to the grocery store yesterday.  Milk/bread/produce are on the list of things ok to purchase.  I only got produce and just enough for the week because we have a history of wasting it!  I still have plenty of milk and bread.

I needed gas…obviously also a necessary expense in order to get to and from work.  But I completely forgot about gas in making our ground rules.  I would like to be more conscious of my drive time/gas usage, and work on consolidating driving.  I did use a 40 cents per gallon discount for filling the tank so at least there was some savings.

New week!  Let’s do this!


Down 5 pounds and Life is Awesome


Here it is….day 4….and I am down 5 pounds!  I feel so much better.  And it makes me happy!  It’s so nice re-set my diet and my habits.  THAT is why I love doing this challenge!

I got in some fast walking today for exercise.  A bug fell into my shirt on the way.  I kept thinking I had a really weird feeling sweat droplet, but then found the bug.  Ewww!  No bites though!  Beautiful evening for a walk.


Diet went well today.  I’m low on calories, so I plan to have a snack soon.

  • Breakfast – Spark (Mango Strawberry), Fiber, Chocolate Mocha Shake
  • Morning snack – apple, almonds
  • Lunch – leftover cashew chili
  • Afternoon snack – Spark (Pink Lemonade), 2 clementines, mixed nuts
  • Dinner – big salad with 2 veggie burgers (they’re only 110 calories – needed 2!)
  • will have one more snack!


When I was packing my food today for work, I realized I did not have salad prepared.  I immediately thought that I would just buy a salad from the salad bar close by….and the next thought reminded me that I am Spending Zero!  So I had to quickly improvise and grabbed leftovers from last night’s dinner.  Glad I had leftovers otherwise I would have been REALLY late for work.  This reinforces that food prep is SO key to eating healthy.

I need to bike and soon.  Time to get serious about training.  This weekend – game on.

In my No Spending Month, day 4 in the book is to organize a meal swap.  I can’t say I’m terribly interested in that, but I will consider it….just not ready today.  Regardless, the point is that we are Spending Zero and it’s a great learning experience.  I did need dog food today, and the dog’s survival is dependent upon eating, so that fits our ground rules.

So far, May is good.  Life is goooood.

Day 2 and I’m a bit hungry


Onward!  Day 2 is done and was a good day.  I stuck to the plan.

I am finding that I need to eat more for breakfast or lunch or both.  Because I was REALLY hungry before lunch and late afternoon.  And today was almost a repeat of yesterday’s diet.  I mixed up the fruit and nuts at least.

As a vegetarian, I find it a bit harder to get in protein.  I don’t like eggs.  Good thing there is a lot of protein in my morning shake.  Plus I really like Beyond Meat.  It’s pretty darned tasty.  And a great source of plant based protein….20 grams! I wish they would send me a lot of coupons.

And WHAT is the deal with the “pee smell” after eating asparagus?  That is just WEIRD.  (secretly, I kinda like it though)

Day 2:

  • Breakfast: Fruit Punch Spark, AdvoCare Meal Replacement Shake (chocolate peanut butter!)
  • Morning snack: 1 apple, 10 almonds
  • Lunch: giant salad that contained asparagus, Beyond Meat “chicken” strips, 1T chia seeds, 1T pumpkin seeds
  • Afternoon snack: Limeade Spark, 2 clementines, 2T pistachios
  • Dinner: leftover spaghetti squash with kale, chickpeas and pine nuts
  • Night snack: AdvoCare Muscle Gain (freaking delicious!)

This was in the neighborhood of 1425 calories.


those clementines in the picture were the BEST I’ve ever had.  Seriously!

It’s time to start adding back in some workouts.  April is get healthy month.  May is no spending month.  Not sure what I’ll do for June.  It might be get-on-your-bike month.

I’m kinda proud of myself for sticking to a plan for 2 days in a row!  It can be done!

Hugs, my friends.