Ah, Life


Life is an amazing journey.  It twists and turns and suddenly you are a foster parent and adopting 2 children.  Yep.  True story.


In May, I was blogging about a No Spending challenge and completing AdvoCare’s 24 Day Challenge.  I did all that!  It was fabulous!  There wasn’t any time to write about it, because of life.

Here’s my dream

I want to help people be healthy and strong.  This is a reason I work in health care.  This is also a reason I joined forces with AdvoCare.  AdvoCare has helped me lose 20 pounds and be more fit and have more ENERGY!  YES!

But I’ve discovered my dream along the way.  Since I was little, I hated to hear about other children who were hurting in some way.  Abused, trafficked, sad….whatever it was, I hated it.  I really dislike watching movies or shows where children are hurt or bullied.  Foster care is one way I can help out.  And from there, we are now adopting 2 more children!  My DREAM is to help as many children out there who are from hard places or being hurt in some way.  It is my dream to donate to important causes and be a foster parent and help other foster parents.

I want to make a difference.

I WILL make a difference in this world.





Cleanse Phase is Ending!


Days 8, 9 and 10 are finished!  10 days of Cleanse Phase.  I feel AMAZING! Good bacteria in, bad/yucky goo is out.  Diet habits have begun to reset.  I’m eating fruits and veggies and healthy things.  Tomorrow begins Phase II – the Max Phase.  Good nutrients are added back in, energy continues to increase, and habits begin to stick.

I made a LOT of Quinoa Black Bean Salad.  This is one of my favorites.  Recipe is here.  It’s so pretty, and the dressing is what makes it.  I do cut back a little on the olive oil.  This recipe is AWESOME.

My life is changed because of AdvoCare.  I was in a pit of diet pepsi and Reese’s peanut butter cups.  I LIVED on that.  As a friend described, it’s like embalming yourself from the inside out.  Since I began my AdvoCare journey, I have lost 20 lbs.  I have developed a healthy lifestyle.  I am sharing AdvoCare with others who need this too!

I have goals.  BIG GOALS.  I will get home with my children.  We will be foster parents.  I will help my friends and their friends get healthy and have FABULOUS lifestyles!  I-want-to-inspire-people

On to No Spending Month.  Days 8-10 are about cleaning out rooms.  I am ALL FOR it.  I’m doing some “lower level” organizing as my time is limited with work.  However, I am just about to be off for the summer, so I will go back and clean things out.  I’m thinking that June will be Box/Bag-Per-Day-Of-Stuff-To-Donate Month.

Still not spending.  I did go to lunch today with some lovely ladies.  They paid the tab, and I did contribute a small amount to the tip.  I’ll pay for lunch for them the next time.  Otherwise, still no spending.  It’s really quite refreshing!

Life changes.  Good stuff.  Let’s do this!

No Cinco de Mayo Margaritas here


5/5/17.  It’s Day 5 of my 24 Day Challenge and I’m alcohol free.  No margs.  No chips and salsa.  No cheesy, gooey Mexican food.  Today, I’m ok with that.  I really want to follow my plan and stick to it.  I have goals.  If I want to reach those goals, then I need to put in the work.  So I will.

I’m still feeling GREAT!  I am vegetarian, so this makes my meal planning a bit different.  I have been a vegetarian for almost 15 years!

Day 5 foods:

  • Breakfast – Spark (Cherry), fiber, Chocolate Peanut Butter shake
  • Morning snack – raspberries, cashews
  • Lunch – big salad, Beyond Meat “chicken” (can you sponsor me yet Beyond Meat people?), 1T pumpkin seeds, 1T chia seeds
  • Afternoon snack – Spark (Grape), 2 clementines, 2T pistachios
  • Dinner – shake and rice milk (time got away from me again!)


What I should have done is made a Limeade Spark and put it in a Margarita Glass!  At least then it feels more “special”

Day 5 of No Spending Month!  YAY!  Still going strong.  Day 5 in the book is to Eat Out at Home….well, that didn’t happen today.  Tomorrow’s chapter is about freezer meals….I’ll have to spend some time looking into that!

Sidebar: I’m reading a book called The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone.  It’s about success/failure, not being “average” and basically creating the life you want.  It’s pretty good so far!



Day one of the rest of my life!

May 1st began my AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge AND No Spending month!  So far, so good!

24 Day Challenge…working on weight loss, healthy diet and exercise.

day 1:

  • Breakfast – Spark, fiber, chocolate mocha meal replacement shake
  • morning snack – 2 small clementines and 10 almonds
  • Lunch – salad with 1/2 cup of quinoa and a few beans plus Beyond Meat “chicken”
  • afternoon snack – blackberries and 2T mixed nuts
  • Dinner – Black Bean burger, 1/4 cup wild rice and peas
  • snack – AdvoCare snack bar


I’m well aware this picture makes my dinner look terribly unexciting.  But it was tasty and filling and healthy!  Diet went very well today.  I was only hungry at dinner time.  And how I love my Spark….2:30 in the afternoon can’t come fast enough! Ha!

1377 calories.  49% carbs, 25% fat, 26% protein.


Following the schedule in my book!  Having the checklist is oh-so-helpful!

NO SPENDING day 1.  Totally cool.  I bought nothing.  Following the book, today is commitment day and making ground rules.  Which we did yesterday.  Day 2’s activity is “organize your pantry.”  THAT may be interesting.  I’m ready.






Let’s do this!


Here we are.

I’m 45.  My kids are 14 & 10.  My husband is….older than me.  But not by much.

It is time to make some changes in my life.  I need to lose weight, get fit again, and find some free time.  I want to get my house and life organized.  I want to spend time with my people.


April 2017 is Lose Weight and Get Fit Again month.  Beginning 4/3/17, I will do the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge.  I did this before and lost 9 pounds and 6 inches.  Plus it taught me to eat right and I was able to continue those habits….but I’ve begun to slip off that wagon, so it’s time to reset and shed some more weight!

May 2017 is NO Spending month.  Oh yes.  I said it.

I’m evolving.  Time to make changes.  Let’s do this!